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DMGS Week in Review – March 31, 2019


Legislative Update - Data Privacy Laws The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have spawned a wave of action in state legislatures across the country. Lawmakers are focused on protecting the personal data of their constituents, and have introduced a series of proposed laws aiming [...]

DMGS Week in Review – March 31, 20192019-03-31T12:40:05-04:00

AI Funding in the FY2020 Budget


The federal government is poised to invest roughly $4.9 billion in unclassified artificial intelligence and machine learning-related research & development in fiscal year 2020. The number of AI-related programs has ballooned compared with fiscal 2019. The Defense Department (DoD) plans to allocate $4 billion toward artificial intelligence and machine learning R&D activities in fiscal 2020, [...]

AI Funding in the FY2020 Budget2019-03-29T09:00:31-04:00

Legislative Update: Data Privacy Laws


In today's legislative update, we review the California Consumer Privacy Act and some of the other state laws that has inspired across the country. Photo Credit: Blogtreprenuer California At the end of June 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) into law. The most sweeping data privacy law in the [...]

Legislative Update: Data Privacy Laws2019-03-27T14:42:41-04:00

The Democratic Medicare for All Proposal


The Medicare for All Act of 2019 introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and 106 House Democrats would create a universal, single-payer health program. The bill (H.R. 1384) would provide comprehensive health-care benefits at no cost to patients, replacing health insurance. However, the measure does not include provisions to pay for the program, though Rep. [...]

The Democratic Medicare for All Proposal2019-03-22T09:00:07-04:00

DMGS Week in Review – March 17, 2019


Legislative Update - Connecticut Recreational Marijuana  At a news conference on Thursday, leaders from the Connecticut House of Representatives outlined what appears to be the comprehensive proposal that will be making its way through the legislature this year. In this week's Legislature Update here, we have detailed some of the major policy points of the [...]

DMGS Week in Review – March 17, 20192019-03-17T11:10:00-04:00

Legislative Update: Connecticut Recreational Marijuana


Earlier this year, we shared with you an update on the latest efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in a number of states, including Connecticut. At the time, it was unclear which of the many proposals before the General Assembly would gain traction. At a news conference on Thursday, leaders from the Connecticut House of Representatives [...]

Legislative Update: Connecticut Recreational Marijuana2019-03-15T14:00:43-04:00

DMGS Week in Review – March 10, 2019


Legislative Update: Airbnb Regulations With such a massive disruptor to the traditional hotel industry, it comes as no surprise that governments at all levels are trying to work out how to most effectively regulate Airbnb and its competitors. In this week's legislative update, we review some of those efforts, including those pending and those that [...]

DMGS Week in Review – March 10, 20192019-03-10T16:50:13-04:00

The Week Ahead in Washington – 03/08/2019


Today the House will hold a final vote on legislation to expand voting accessibility and reduce money in politics. Next week Congress will tackle several items including a batch of federal circuit court nominees, a vote on Trump’s border emergency in the Senate, and advancing legislation on immigration and women’s rights in the House. On [...]

The Week Ahead in Washington – 03/08/20192019-03-08T10:00:30-05:00

Legislative Update: Airbnb Regulations


In August 2018, Airbnb celebrated ten years since it officially launched to accommodate delegates heading to Denver for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. For the four nights of the DNC in Denver, Airbnb hosted 80 bookings. Ten years later, Morgan Stanley estimates that the service will generate over 150 million bookings in the US, UK, [...]

Legislative Update: Airbnb Regulations2019-03-05T15:46:02-05:00

DMGS Week in Review – March 3, 2019


Legislative Update: Plastic Bag Regulations When the California state legislature passed a measure in August of 2014 to institute a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags, it became the first state to take this dramatic step. In this week's blog post here, catch up on the latest proposals at the state and local level to [...]

DMGS Week in Review – March 3, 20192019-03-03T11:08:17-05:00
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