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October 2018 Southwestern Update

Arizona The mood of Voters heading into Midterm Elections In a poll by Suffolk University/Arizona Republic, 500 likely Arizona voters were asked: Approval or Disapproval of the job by Donald Trump. – 47.6% approve while 48.2% disapprove. Virtually a tie with 4.2% undecided. Do Voters aim to send a message to Trump? – 39.8% want to change Trump’s direction; 39.6% support Trump’s direction; and 15.8% do not factor this into […]

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Legislative Update: AZ, CO, NM, & UT

Arizona Gov. Ducey Names Kyl as McCain Successor After the passing of Sen. John McCain, Gov. Doug Ducey has appointed former Sen. Jon Kyl to serve out the remainder of the late senator’s six-year term. Ducey commented at the press conference announcing his selection that “now is not the time for newcomers and not the time for on-the-job training.” Further that Kyl is a “beacon of integrity, highly regarded by […]

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States Add New Regulations as Trump Administration Loosens Law on Skinny Health Plans

As part of the Trump administration’s efforts to deregulate the health insurance market, HHS & the Department of Labor have promulgated new rules to increase the availability of short-term health insurance plans to fill gaps in health coverage. The Trump administration has begun to reverse limits on short-term, or “skinny,” health insurance plans implemented by the Obama administration. The rule reversal would allow individuals to purchase short-term plans lasting up […]

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Maine Legislature Overrides Governor’s Medical Marijuana Veto

Maine lawmakers overrode Governor Paul LePage’s veto Tuesday, allowing doctors and nurses to prescribe medical marijuana for any patient they deem adequate. The Maine House voted 119-23, while the Senate voted 25-8 to override the governor’s decision on Friday to veto a medical marijuana reform bill. Maine legalized medical marijuana prescriptions in 1999 for AIDS, post-traumatic stress and pains from untreatable ailments. The new legislation allows doctors to issue medical […]

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