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Criminal Justice Reform

State Action on Restoring Felons’ Voting Rights

In the middle of the 2020 General Election, millions of voters have already cast ballots by mail, and millions more are making plans to vote in person on Election Day.  However, not all Americans are eligible to cast a ballot.  According to the ACLU, states have disenfranchised 5.85 million Americans with felony convictions, or misdemeanor convictions in some states. Some states, like Iowa and Kentucky, permanently disenfranchise all people with […]

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Criminal Justice Reform: A Look at Clean Slate and Second Chance Legislation

In 2018, Pennsylvania became the first state to enact a “Clean Slate” law to seal certain criminal records automatically.  Act 56, formerly House Bill 1419, provides individuals with low-level, non-violent criminal records with a mechanism to have their record(s) sealed from public view. Why enact Clean Slate and make a criminal record sealing process automatic?  The goal of Clean Slate in Pennsylvania was to reduce the stigma people with criminal […]

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