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This week, unsurprisingly, redistricting continued to remain a top priority for many legislatures across the country. Outside of redistricting and various special sessions, one lawmaker in California made news by proposing to ban live weapons for movie sets following the recent accidental shooting death of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin. The push for automated speed enforcement continues as well, with a lawmaker in Wisconsin this week introducing legislation allowing Milwaukee city to utilize automated speed enforcement.


Alabama lawmakers convened Thursday for a special session to address redistricting maps and appropriate $80 million of federal COVID relief monies.

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One lawmaker in California is proposing to ban live weapons for movie sets following the accidental shooting death of a cinematographer by actor, Alec Baldwin, last week.

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Illinois lawmakers convened this week to address congressional redistricting. Illinois is set to lose one congressional seat, from 18 to 17.

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State lawmakers in Iowa convened Thursday for a second special session to address another round of proposed redistricting maps.

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Lawmakers are set to send Governor Charlie Baker new legislative maps which double the amount of Senate districts in the state and add 13 more House districts.

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The Nevada legislature’s Interim Finance Committee approved a refund program last week to refund motorists a $1 per transaction surcharge that was authorized unconstitutionally in 2020.

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North Carolina

Republican lawmakers appear poised to hold votes on North Carolina’s state budget as early as next week.

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Governor Mike DeWine is expected to sign a bill recently passed by lawmakers that would legalize consumer-grade fireworks on certain days.

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The Pennsylvania state Senate passed a bill this week that would increase the penalties for those who try to evade arrest on foot.

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Former Congressman Rob Bishop abruptly resigned from Utah’s independent redistricting commission this week and the Utah House Speaker indicated lawmakers may re-evaluate the redistricting process.

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Lawmakers in Vermont joined together for a press conference earlier this week urging Governor Phil Scott to reinstate an emergency declaration to address COVID-19.

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A state lawmaker recently introduced the “Safe Roads Saves Lives Act” which would allow Milwaukee city to utilize automated speed enforcement.

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Wyoming lawmakers convened for a special session this week to address COVID-19 vaccine mandate penalties.

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Capital and Capitol Happenings: Staff on the Move, Promotions, and More

  • Christine Pollack: new Vice President of Government Relations, FMI – The Food Industry Association
  • Wes Fisher: new Senior Director of Government Affairs, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
  • Jeannie Morris: new Director of Government Affairs, Vicinity Energy
  • Michael Blaustein: new Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Partnership for New York City

Happy Birthdays This Week

  • Marie Divine: State Government Affairs Specialist, College of American Pathologists
  • Janine Pappalardo: Senior Associate, Delta Development
  • Tyler Laughlin: Government and Community Affairs Manager, Allegheny County Airport Authority
  • Rian English Barnhill: VP of Government and Community Affairs, Olympia Development of Michigan

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