Driving Public Policy in Rhode Island

Duane Morris Government Strategies is one of the top lobbying firms in Rhode Island, holding a reputation as a trusted advisor and a public affairs advocate.

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With a presence in Providence, Duane Morris’ network of government relationships and influence stretch across the state. Positioned as one of Rhode Island’s top lobbying firms, their extensive network connects people in the community with decision makers in the government. Duane Morris Government Strategies is recognized as both an ethical and impartial lobbying firm.

For more than two decades, Duane Morris’ experienced, bipartisan lobbying professionals have helped clients throughout the country navigate the Rhode Island State Capital political landscape. That experience along with umatched integrity and consistently delivering results is what continues to make DMGS a top lobbying firm in Rhode Island.



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Rhode Island Lobbying Services

The Services provided by DMGS in Rhode Island are:

  • State Government Affairs
  • Federal Government Affairs
  • Grassroots Lobbying
  • Development Finance Consulting
  • Grant Strategies Services
  • Procurement Services

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