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Utah Approves Online Sales Tax

Beehive State lawmakers approved legislation on Wednesday allowing the collection of online sales tax. The move follows several other state legislatures after the Supreme Court ruled in July that states could collect taxes from online retailers. Utah’s legislation requires companies with 200 sales or $100,000 worth of sales a year to pay taxes on transactions. Utah currently has voluntary agreements with large online business, like Amazon and Airbnb, allowing the state to collect $140 million in taxes annually. However, the […]

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Illinois Governor Signs Gun Control Legislation

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) signed two pieces of legislation earlier this week that will increase gun control measures in his state. The two laws, which were signed on Monday, extend the waiting period for firearms to 72 hours and allows family, friends and police officers to petition a court to remove weapons from someone who may pose a threat of violence. “In the wake of gun violence tragedies, we […]

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Nebraska State Legislator Pushes Online Sales Tax Reform

A Nebraska lawmaker has begun to push legislation that would allow the collection of online sales tax following a Supreme Court ruling in June. Republican Senator John McCollister of Omaha has begun circulating a petition to summon legislators into a special session that would force debate over an online sales tax proposal. McCollister currently has 10 signatures but needs 33 to summon a special session of the state’s unicameral body. […]

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Maine Legislature Overrides Governor’s Medical Marijuana Veto

Maine lawmakers overrode Governor Paul LePage’s veto Tuesday, allowing doctors and nurses to prescribe medical marijuana for any patient they deem adequate. The Maine House voted 119-23, while the Senate voted 25-8 to override the governor’s decision on Friday to veto a medical marijuana reform bill. Maine legalized medical marijuana prescriptions in 1999 for AIDS, post-traumatic stress and pains from untreatable ailments. The new legislation allows doctors to issue medical […]

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