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A Look at States Grappling with Budget Shortfalls in the Face of COVID-19

by: Ryan J. Stevens As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all facets of everyday life, state budgets are no different.  With businesses closing and states implementing stay at home orders over the last few months, tax revenues have been dwindling for states.  With more individuals applying for unemployment compensation, that means less income tax revenue for states as well.  Further, with the federal government and states extending tax filing […]

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Higher Education and COVID-19

Like K-12 educational institutions and many other industries, the spread of COVID-19 has severely impacted higher education.  COVID-19 forced many colleges and universities to close early and have remote graduations, even canceling or forcing summer classes online.  Now, schools face decisions that will impact their students’ futures. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance Last updated May 30, 2020, the CDC issued guidance for institutes of higher education (IHEs) aimed at […]

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COVID and Elective Surgeries

CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) The CDC has released guidance for healthcare systems to “balance the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and healthcare personnel (HCP). . . . [And] consider the local level of COVID-19 transmission when making decisions about the provision of medical services,” noting that “considerations may change over time and vary by practice type and setting.”[1] The CDC categorizes its […]

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A Look At States Changing Alcohol Laws During COVID-19 Pandemic: Will These Changes Be Temporary Or Permanent?

By: Ryan J. Stevens As COVID-19 first swept across the country, states implemented various stay at home orders.  As a result, many facets of everyday life changed drastically.  This includes the ability to purchase and sell alcoholic drinks.  Should liquor stores be considered an essential business, or not?  Should states allow for alcoholic beverages to be sold to-go?  These are questions that various states have wrestled with over the last […]

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