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2017 Election Recap

Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie with 53.9% of the vote to win the Virginia Governor’s seat Tuesday night. The Virginia race remained tight until Election Day. Several polls showed Gillespie and the Lieutenant Governor tied or within the margin of error days before the election.   Northam led in a RealClearPolitics poll by six points less than a month ago; it dropped to two points a month before the election. […]

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The Rise of New Jersey’s Cities: Part 1

New York City’s cost of living is 120 percent higher than the rest of the country. With 8.3 million people and an average home price of $501,000 (average home price in the United States is roughly $181,000), prices have begun to push city dwellers from Brooklyn and Manhattan into less-expensive areas that remain within close proximity to the city. As a result, portions of New Jersey—specifically North Jersey—have turned into […]

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The Future of Smart Cities

In 2015 a New Orleans home fire killed three children, a mother, and a grandmother. Because the family did not have a smoke detector, the New Orleans fire department wanted to create a program to accurately identify vulnerable neighborhoods with homes that may not have the devices. With the help of a New York-based tech firm, the New Orleans Office of Performance and Accountability began using analytics to identify vulnerable […]

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Industry Overview: P2P Banking

Peer-to-peer mobile payment application Venmo reported $8 billion in transactions for the second quarter of 2017, doubling its 2016 second quarter numbers. With this trajectory, analysts believe Venmo could process nearly $85 billion in transitions by 2019. Whether it is sending money to a roommate for rent or paying a friend for a night out, P2P mobile payment applications enable faster exchanges, but the numbers also illustrate a growing trend […]

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