How Have Governors Spent Federal GEER Funds?


Digital collage by Ryan Stevens; image sources by David Mark &. Patrick Pascal Schauß from Pixabay  The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES Act) included emergency funds made available to governors for emergency education relief. The CARES Act created the Governors Emergency Education Fund (GEER Fund), dispensing about $3 billion to state governments to address emergency [...]

How Have Governors Spent Federal GEER Funds?2022-09-29T13:49:40-04:00

The 2020 CR: What’s Inside


H.R. 8337 would extend government funding through December 11, 2020, averting a government shutdown that would otherwise begin October 1.  The continuing resolution (CR) would generally extend fiscal 2020 funding levels while including some “anomalies” that would adjust the amount available to agencies or extend authorities.  The measure reflects an agreement between Democrats and Republicans [...]

The 2020 CR: What’s Inside2020-09-30T12:00:23-04:00

State Action on Stimulus Checks


by: Ryan J. Stevens Digital Collage by Alana Burman Congress passed the CARES Act nearly six months ago, which provided roughly $2 trillion to individuals, businesses, and states in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.  The Act also included payments of as much as $1,200 for individual taxpayers and $500 per child, phased out when [...]

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CARES Act Funding & K-12 Education


Key Highlights: The CARES Act allocated $150 billion in aid to state, local, and tribal governments.Lawmakers and Governors in states across the country have allocated these funds towards various education-related expenditures.The federal CARES Act funding has been used to support instructional programming to help students catch up from interrupted instruction caused by COVID-19, improve air [...]

CARES Act Funding & K-12 Education2020-08-26T07:15:00-04:00

EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance: How DMGS Can Help


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) with $1.5 billion for economic development assistance programs to help communities prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.  EDA is currently accepting applications for grants to support a wide variety of assistance, including: Planning and Technical [...]

EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance: How DMGS Can Help2020-07-08T14:22:42-04:00

A Look at States Grappling with Budget Shortfalls in the Face of COVID-19


Digital Illustration by Alana Burman by: Ryan J. Stevens As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all facets of everyday life, state budgets are no different.  With businesses closing and states implementing stay at home orders over the last few months, tax revenues have been dwindling for states.  With more individuals applying for unemployment compensation, [...]

A Look at States Grappling with Budget Shortfalls in the Face of COVID-192020-06-05T10:39:24-04:00
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