Inmate Education Programs: Legislative Update


Photo credit: Several state legislatures continue to consider inmate education programs, which offer people experiencing incarceration opportunities to get degrees while serving their prison sentences. Although these education programs are not available in every correctional facility, they are becoming more widespread as the number of states accepting these measures has increased. Nine in ten [...]

Inmate Education Programs: Legislative Update2022-10-11T10:30:30-04:00

Grow Your Own Teacher Legislation


Photo credit: As students return to classrooms across the country, 62% of public schools have expressed concerns regarding teacher and staff vacancies, with 88% concerned about burning out teachers and staff. The number of American public school teachers has steadily decreased in recent years; the Bureau of Labor Statistics documented 567,000 fewer educators than [...]

Grow Your Own Teacher Legislation2022-09-09T11:30:58-04:00

States Address Local School Vaccine Policies


Photo credit: With school starting across the country, whether children need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 has been attracting renewed attention in state legislatures. States like California and New Jersey have begun introducing new legislation that requires students to receive the vaccination. However, some states, like Iowa, prohibit school boards from requiring immunizations against [...]

States Address Local School Vaccine Policies2022-09-09T11:31:11-04:00

States Considering School Lunch Funding Policy


Take out food Lunch box with Sandwiches and vegetables, bottle of water and school supplies copy space School lunches are a source of nutritionally balanced meals for millions of U.S. schoolchildren. While many schools require children to pay for lunches, states—with support from the federal government—have subsidized the costs of lunches for children in families [...]

States Considering School Lunch Funding Policy2022-09-09T11:31:25-04:00

Tuition-Free College Legislation Signed by NM Governor


Photo credit: On March 4th, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship Act into law, providing for tuition-free college for most New Mexico residents.  The program is set to be the most wide-reaching tuition-free scholarship program in the country. More than 125 students have already benefited from the scholarship [...]

Tuition-Free College Legislation Signed by NM Governor2022-03-08T18:18:25-05:00

September 3rd Edition of the DMGS State Capital Weekly Recap: Redistricting, COVID, and Marijuana Dominate


Digital image. byRya Stevens; image sources by Gordon Johnson, Tumisu, & OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay  Lawmakers and governors this week were busy on a range of issues, including redistricting, COVID-19, critical race theory, marijuana, and more. Feel free to let us know what is going on in your state for our upcoming State Capital Weekly Recaps! Alabama Alabama lawmakers [...]

September 3rd Edition of the DMGS State Capital Weekly Recap: Redistricting, COVID, and Marijuana Dominate2021-09-03T10:23:03-04:00

School Choice Legislation: 2021 Update


Digital collage by Ryan Stevens; images sourced by Hermann Traub & Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay  In the year 2021, many states passed new school choice legislation or legislation expanding existing school choice programs.  School choice comes in many different forms across the country. However, almost every state has some system that allows families [...]

School Choice Legislation: 2021 Update2021-06-04T13:09:57-04:00

Legislation to Increase Teacher Pay


Digital Image by Ryan Stevens; image source by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay State lawmakers have acted in recent years and hope to act in 2021 to increase teacher pay.  Such efforts are a critical legislative focus as salaries have chronically lagged behind inflation and productivity. The COVID-19 pandemic also continues to impact education in all American school districts. [...]

Legislation to Increase Teacher Pay2021-03-03T07:30:00-05:00

State Action on Mandatory Flu Vaccines


DMGS Highlights Some states are considering requiring flu vaccinations this fall.Massachusetts has already instituted a statewide flu vaccine requirement for students enrolled in child care, pre-K, K-12, and post-secondary institutions.New Jersey and Vermont are also considering a similar requirement. As COVID death tolls in the United States continues to rise and the economic impacts of [...]

State Action on Mandatory Flu Vaccines2020-09-11T07:30:00-04:00

CARES Act Funding & K-12 Education


Key Highlights: The CARES Act allocated $150 billion in aid to state, local, and tribal governments.Lawmakers and Governors in states across the country have allocated these funds towards various education-related expenditures.The federal CARES Act funding has been used to support instructional programming to help students catch up from interrupted instruction caused by COVID-19, improve air [...]

CARES Act Funding & K-12 Education2020-08-26T07:15:00-04:00
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