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State Action On Statues, Symbols, and Monuments


Digital Illustration by Alana Burman by: Ryan J. Stevens George Floyd’s killing by police officers in Minneapolis sent waves through society and governments have reacted in turn.  DMGS previously covered how lawmakers are reacting through police reform measures here and here.  Another ripple effect has been the status of race relations and how society should [...]

State Action On Statues, Symbols, and Monuments2020-07-10T07:30:00-04:00

Ghost Gun Legislation & Regulatory Activity


When COVID-19 first swept through the United States, American consumers rushed to the stores to stock up on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and food.  Firearm sales also skyrocketed, including purchases of a build-it-yourself firearm, commonly known as a “ghost gun.” Lawmakers have been looking to regulate these firearms via ghost gun legislation. What are “ghost [...]

Ghost Gun Legislation & Regulatory Activity2020-07-01T08:00:00-04:00
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