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Veto Overrides: 2020 Successes & Failures


What is a veto override? This summer, DMGS looked at gubernatorial vetoes.  To recap, in a state’s checks and balances system, governors maintain the power to veto legislation.  Each state has laws and rules outlining the veto process, which varies from state-to-state.  There are also numerous veto types, including line-item vetoes, amendatory vetoes, reduction vetoes, pocket [...]

Veto Overrides: 2020 Successes & Failures2023-09-11T01:31:20-04:00

2020 Special Legislative Sessions


Photo by Stephan Müller on Pexels.com What is a “Special Session”?  Unlike a regular legislative session, special sessions occur to deal with specific issues or topics.  Usually, the scope of the special session is limited to these specific issues.  Each state has its own rules and laws for the processes on special sessions, including how [...]

2020 Special Legislative Sessions2023-07-25T12:05:35-04:00
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