Legislating Drinking Water Contaminants


Photo credit: iStock.com/Liudmila Chernetska Contaminants in supplies of drinking water remain a regulatory challenge at both the state and federal levels. Recent legislation in California is the first of its kind to regulate microplastics in the drinking water. New Mexico, Michigan, and Mississippi are also facing issues of contaminated drinking water, and their state [...]

Legislating Drinking Water Contaminants2022-10-20T14:41:13-04:00

States Act on Water Conservation and Combatting Droughts


Photo credit: iStock.com/luchschen The country has seen one of its hottest summers in recent years. The summer was marked by record hot temperatures and a lack of rainfall in many parts of the country. Many parts of the country are experiencing droughts or are under a drought advisory. In response, several states have already set [...]

States Act on Water Conservation and Combatting Droughts2023-09-11T00:39:17-04:00
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