This week various primary elections dominated headlines, including in Pennsylvania, where numerous incumbent state lawmakers lost their primaries. In other news, Colorado could soon see paid leave for their lawmakers, the State of Florida could assume control of the special district that oversees Disney World, Michigan lawmakers are working on tax cuts, and Nevada’s state of emergency is over.


Wednesday marked the last regular day of the Alaska Legislature when a compromise state budget containing as much as $3,850 in Permanent Fund dividends and energy payments for each eligible Alaskan headed for final approval.

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Legislation passed by the Colorado Legislature gives state lawmakers 12 weeks of paid parental leave and another four weeks for complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. This comes a few years after voters approved a measure granting state residents paid parental leave. 

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The Florida government could assume control of the special district that oversees Walt Disney World, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said Monday

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Michigan lawmakers unveiled a new plan this week that includes a sizable personal income tax cut.

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With an upcoming deadline to take action on spending and policy bills, Minnesota lawmakers still have not made public plans for how the state planned to send out $4 billion in new tax cuts and credits and $4 billion to schools, long-term care providers, health care programs, police recruitment efforts and more.

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Gov. Steve Sisolak announced the end of Nevada’s state of emergency, meeting a deadline he set earlier this month.

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New Mexico

Top GOP House lawmakers notified legislative leaders this week that their staff will no longer abide by a policy banning firearms inside the Capitol.

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New York

New York state lawmakers and NYC leaders reached an agreement this week to have speed cameras in New York City operating 24/7.

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North Carolina

North Carolina state lawmakers returned to Raleigh this week for its traditional budget-adjustment work session.

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The Ohio Supreme Court upheld a 2019 state law setting financial disincentives for local governments in Ohio to use speed cameras.

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Oklahoma state lawmakers announced they would be having a special session throughout the summer to decide how federal funds from the American Rescue Plan will be spent across the state after delays have held up the money for nearly a year.

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Surging tax revenues in Oregon are predicted to deliver a record kicker rebate of $3 billion to taxpayers in 2024.

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Much attention on the PA primary election results focused on the gubernatorial and US Senate contests. However, several veteran state lawmakers of both parties were ousted by primary opponents Tuesday.

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According to a new assessment from the Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction, Virginia’s K-12 school performance is backsliding due to reduced expectations for students and schools and a lack of transparency, resulting in widening achievement gaps.

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This Week’s DMGS Posts

Capital and Capitol Happenings: Staff on the Move, Promotions, and More

  • Paul Dement: new Senior Director of Government and Community Relations, Monmouth University
  • Talar Alexanian: new Senior Government Affairs Manager
  • Grace Kelly: new Senior Advisor for Intergovernmental Affairs, US Department of Commerce, NTIA
  • Dylan Waguespack: new Chief Policy Officer, True Colors United
  • Jeff Waldock: new Chief of Staff, Texas House of Representatives
  • Jess Kirchner: new Policy Analyst, Children and Families, National Governors Association

Happy Birthdays This Week

  • David Taylor: President & CEO, Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association
  • Megan Herring Mauro: Manager of Government Affairs, Texas Association of Business
  • Rob Moutrie: Policy Advocate, California Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill White: Director of External Relations and Strategic Partnerships, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
  • Jessica Jennings: Legislative Director, National Association of Counties

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