2024 Legislative Session Dates & Party Control

Duane Morris Government Strategies put together a list of 2024 legislative session dates for all 50 states, viewable by hovering over each state in the map below. In addition to session dates, the below map also includes which party controls each legislative chamber and governor’s office.

A trifecta occurs when one political party maintains control of the governor’s office as well as majorities in each legislative chamber. Following the 2022 elections, Democrats picked up trifectas in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota, but lost a trifecta in Nevada. Following the 2023 elections, Republicans picked up the governor’s office in Louisiana, giving them another trifecta. Democrats now have 17 trifectas to the GOP’s 24. The other 9 states are divided governments where neither party holds a trifecta.

This compares to 2022 when the GOP had 24 trifectas to the Democrats’ 14 with 12 states having divided governments. The other 12 states were divided governments.

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