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To help an organization achieve its goals, DMGS works with a client to design and implement an effective grassroots strategy. This strategy starts with defining and understanding the target audience and then mapping out the most effective way to reach that group. DMGS experts are well-versed in developing strategies, creating messages that resonate, targeting key grassroots constituencies, building coalitions and implementing plans for earned media. From letters to the editor to activating special-interest groups and elected officials, DMGS guides clients that are fighting for policy reform, local development or much-needed change.

DMGS Grassroots Lobbying has devised and implemented dozens of effective grassroots strategies for clients. Each client receives a tailored approach that involves several fundamental steps:

  • Maintaining current legislative, administrative and other grasstop relationships
  • Building coalitions
  • Planning state capitol days
  • Monitoring legislation and voting records
  • Holding community/constituency roundtables and events
  • Establishing new relationships
  • Implementing targeted media campaigns

DMGS’ Grassroots Lobbying experience includes the following issue areas:

  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Tax policy
  • Consumer issues
  • Transportation

Effective grassroots strategies rely on a network of broad-ranged relationships within a targeted community. DMGS leverages its relationships—and experience—from its Government Affairs practice area to an organization’s advantage.

One of the strongest strategies in uniting constituencies behind an idea is to work from the grassroots. DMGS promises to use its knowledge, experience and relationships to help clients effectively mobilize grassroots constituencies toward a common goal, yielding change and opportunity.

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