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A Look At States Changing Alcohol Laws During COVID-19 Pandemic: Will These Changes Be Temporary Or Permanent?

By: Ryan J. Stevens As COVID-19 first swept across the country, states implemented various stay at home orders.  As a result, many facets of everyday life changed drastically.  This includes the ability to purchase and sell alcoholic drinks.  Should liquor stores be considered an essential business, or not?  Should states allow for alcoholic beverages to be sold to-go?  These are questions that various states have wrestled with over the last […]

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State K-12 Educational Response to COVID-19

States School Closures Nearly all U.S. states, territories, and federal agencies have ordered or recommended that schools remain closed this academic year.[1]  Over half of US K-12 students are now home for the school year.[2]  The pandemic has caused rapid shifting and problem-solving as districts, schools, administrators, educators, and even parents and students grapple with new demands while meeting requirements and obligations. State[3] State Status[4] Closure Status[5] Alabama State ordered […]

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COVID-19 and Public Transit

As states reopen and essential workers continue to commute, public transit is adapting in response to COVID-19. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidance Buses are a common form of public transportation throughout the country.  Whether the bus belongs to a state or local run public transit system or part of a cross country transportation network, the CDC has released guidance for how organizations can keep essential bus operators safe.  The […]

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How State Legislatures are changing their own operations in the face of COVID-19

By: Ryan J. Stevens As many individuals and businesses have had their lives upended by COVID-19, state legislatures around the country are no different. The coronavirus is not just impacting our health, safety and economy, but also in the way lawmakers deal with these issues. Legislative operations in 23 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico have either introduced or adopted bills/resolutions that make changes to the way they […]

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