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Governor Murphy Launches Broad Regulatory Reform to Protect Against Climate Threats.

by Martin Milita To help address climate change threats in New Jersey Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 100 (“EO 100”) on January 27, 2020. Initially, EO 100 directs the NJDEP within two years to establish a monitoring and reporting program designed to identify all significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.  In addition to addressing greenhouse gas emissions, EO 100 instructs the NJDEP to integrate climate change […]

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AG-led lawsuits have become a crucial part of the American regulatory landscape

Article By Martin Milita Like-minded States Attorneys’ General (AGs) are increasingly aggressive and increasingly working together.  In some cases, as with immigration, they are directly challenging the federal government. The Obama Administration faced AG challenges to many of its policy priorities, including the Affordable Care Act, various environmental regulations and the Dodd-Frank financial law. But the federal government is not the only target. AGs have also targeted corporations ranging from […]

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New Jersey Now Requires Solid Waste Licensing for Soil and Fill Recyclers.

By Martin Milita New Jersey is increasing its regulation of soil and fill recycling businesses.  A law signed into effect by Governor Murphy on January 21, 2020, requires soil and fill recycling businesses to go through what is commonly called “the A-901” solid waste licensing program. The program was adopted many years ago in response to the infiltration of organized crime into the solid waste business by ensuring through an […]

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Electric Vehicles in 2020: NJ and CA

As climate change becomes a growing concern for States and communities, electric vehicle infrastructure has become a slow morning trend but one that is building momentum as more state- and municipal-level entities work to improve efficiency, lower emissions, and upgrade infrastructure. New Jersey Under a new law, S2252, signed by Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey has approved a $5,000 electric vehicle (EV) rebate, providing for comprehensive charging infrastructure, and electric […]

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