Facilitating Growth Through Government Contracting

DMGS’ understanding of government buying practices and compliance protocols, along with its solid relationships at all levels of government, gives its clients an advantage when navigating this complex process. DMGS knows the essentials of winning government contracts, such as how best to market and sell services and products and how to put multiple contract vehicles—including U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules—in place that enable government customers to purchase from a company. Additionally, DMGS’ Procurement team understands how to establish contractual relationships with federal agencies to facilitate research and development as well as non-dilutive investments to establish and commercialize technologies, processes and solutions.

Sale of Goods and Services: DMGS performs detailed tasks to deliver results to its procurement clients. These tasks and supporting processes are designed to ultimately identify opportunities for clients to increase sales in the federal marketplace by best use of their sales and marketing resources. DMGS’ proven process is designed to identify opportunities as far in advance of the RFP process as possible.

Non-Dilutive Development Funding: DMGS provides consulting services related to identifying and capturing non-dilutive federal Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) funds. The firm uses a formula driven by client criteria matching to government program criteria in order to measure the potential for successful capture of funding. This process allows DMGS to pinpoint specific potential funding sources.

DMGS Procurement experts provide the following services as part of a comprehensive procurement strategy:

  • Client readiness evaluation
  • Preparation assistance for contracting vehicles
  • Contract opportunities evaluation
  • Strategy and solutions architecture: A business strategy to achieve timely results
  • Interface assistance: Meetings with agency representatives
  • Appropriations transition: Converting federal funding to government contracts
  • Contracts negotiation

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