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Marijuana Ballot Initiatives: 2022 Election Preview


Green cannabis leaves pattern background Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia have decriminalized low-level marijuana possession. In comparison, nineteen states have legalized the recreational adult use of marijuana. Marijuana ballot initiatives will appear on this year's fall ballots in various states across the country. Arkansas In August 2022, the State Board of Election [...]

Marijuana Ballot Initiatives: 2022 Election Preview2022-09-16T11:32:00-04:00

Update on 2020 State Ballot Measures


Earlier this fall, we looked at a few states across the country and what measures would appear on voters' ballots. With Election Day in the not-so-distant rear-view mirror, where have voters landed on key ballot measures across the country? Arizona In Arizona, Proposition 207 appeared on the ballot. The law would allow limited marijuana possession, [...]

Update on 2020 State Ballot Measures2020-11-04T15:30:34-05:00

Ranked-Choice Voting: 2020 Edition


Which states are looking to implement Ranked-Choice Voting? DMGS Article Highlights Ranked-choice voting is an alternative to the standard “first-past-the-post” method most of the United States uses.Maine is the only state with ranked-choice voting for statewide and congressional races, but some municipalities across the country do as well.Other states are looking to implement or expand [...]

Ranked-Choice Voting: 2020 Edition2020-10-21T14:36:06-04:00
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