With the Holiday Season in full swing, state officials across the country have been preparing for 2024. Notably, lawmakers have pre-filed legislation to address artificial intelligence in Florida, Louisiana lawmakers are preparing for two special sessions in early 2024, Virginia’s governor presented his budget plan to lawmakers, and Pennsylvania’s House remains deadlocked at 101-101 with the resignation of a democratic lawmaker. 


Governor Kay Ivey (R) announced $1.7 million in new grants to help low-income Alabama residents. The funds will be administered through the Community Services Block Grant program, and will go to assist residents with finding employment, educational advancement, and emergency funding for food and shelter. 

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Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) announced personnel changes in her office. Her Chief of Staff Kelly Eichler, will be stepping down and Director of Legislative Affairs Jamie Barker will become Deputy Chief of Staff and Judd Deere will remain Deputy Chief of Staff as well.

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Governor Katie Hobbs (D) recently signed an executive order that will give the state National Guard permission to assist law enforcement at the state’s southern border. 

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According to Governor Gavin Newsom (D), the California Highway Patrol task force created to combat retail crime in the state had a busy year in 2023, making more arrests, recovering more items that had been stolen, and conducting more operations than any year prior. 

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Governor Ned Lamont (D) announced that over 80,000 people with old, low level convictions will have those convictions erased over the next month due to the implementation of the Clean Slate Law, which he signed into law back in 2021.

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State lawmakers have begun to pre-file bills ahead of the 2024 legislative session, including legislation to regulate AI technology. Proposed measures include incorporating AI produced content into defamation law to prevent misleading material, and another that would require disclaimers on AI political content.

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Governor Josh Green (D) is requesting over $400 million from state lawmakers to aid in Maui’s wildfire recovery efforts, as well as to reduce the risk of future wildfires across the state. 

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Lawmakers have been told by legislative leadership to begin preparing for a special session to address redistricting in mid-to-late January and another special session to address crime between mid-February and early March.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has signed a package of new bills into law, including legislation to provide millions of dollars from the Federal Highway Administration to address bridges and roads in the state. 

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New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy (D) and Princeton University president Chrisopher L. Eisgruber announced plans, in collaboration with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, for the implementation of an artificial intelligence innovation hub in the state. 

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New York

Governor Kathy Hochul (D) announced a $100 million in funding to go towards addressing shortages of child care supplies. The funds include $50 million in capital grants for the construction of childcare centers and another $50 million in business tax-credits for child care expansion. 

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Governor Mike DeWine (R) announced that he has pardoned over 100 people through the  Expedited Pardon Project, which began back in 2019. The program’s objective is to simplify the pardon application process from individuals convicted of crimes who have since been rehabilitated. 

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Candidates have been selected by both the Republican and Democratic parties in the special election to replace former state Rep. John Galloway (D). With Galloway’s resignation, the state House remains deadlocked at 101-101. 

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One lawmaker has filed legislation that would ban public and charter schools from displaying any type of flag other than a U.S. or Tennessee state flag. The bill is aimed at banning political flags including the LGBTQ pride flag. 

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Earlier this week, Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) presented his budget for the next two fiscal years. The plan proposes various tax changes in the state, including some tax cuts and also an increase in the state’s sales tax.
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Capital and Capitol Happenings: New Positions, Promotions, and More

  • Cory Dowd: new Deputy Chief of Staff, The Florida Department of Education
  • Jodie Stuck: new Government Affairs Specialist, Open To Work
  • Brian Hendricks: new Chief Public Policy & Government Affairs Officer, Nokia
  • Jamie Barker: Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Happy Birthdays This Week

  • Jessica Stram: Director of Public Affairs, Target Corporation
  • Stephanie Strategos Polis: Vice President, Communications, Plastics Industry Association
  • Mark Brieve: Director of Community and Government Relations, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  • Brooke Wheeler: Chief Clerk, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • Lawrence Collins: Senior Government Relations Director, Elevance Health
  • Andrew Blevins: Principal Associate, The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Brian Glenn: Government Relations Manager, CropLife America
  • Henry Mahler: Director of Legislative Affairs, Florida Gaming Control Commission

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