Heading into the Memorial Day Weekend, various State Capitols remained busy as lawmakers and governors worked to advance various proposals ranging from unspent COVID relief dollars to automated speed enforcement. Additionally, Montana became the first state to explicitly ban drag performers from reading to children in public schools and Louisiana lawmakers advanced legislation that seeks to ban “foreign adversaries” from purchasing land in the state.


Governor Kay Ivey (R) has awarded $26 million across the state to aid the low-income energy assistance program (LIHEAP).

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The Alaska Senate passed Senate Bill 89, which would increase the state’s minimum age to purchase tobacco and vaping products to 21 years old.

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California lawmakers killed almost 300 bills in the mysterious “suspense file.”

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The Colorado Senate has failed to pass a land use reform bill that was introduced to eliminate single-family zoning.

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The Connecticut House passed legislation this week that would allow municipalities to use automated cameras to enforce speed limit and red light violations.

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Florida lawmakers have failed to pass Senate Bill 1316 which would have required internet bloggers to register with the state and a series of other new requirements.

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Hawaii is in the midst of a two year pilot program for red light cameras, but speed cameras may be on the way if lawmakers pass legislation allowing them as well.


The Illinois legislature has passed a bill to require public school districts in the state to establish full-day kindergarten.

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Kansas GOP lawmakers have pushed to expand food assistance across the state.

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The Louisiana Legislature advanced a series of bills that seek to ban “foreign adversaries” from purchasing land in the state.

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Michigan could lose $1 billion in unspent federal COVID relief funding that the state plans to use for budget appropriations depending on how negotiations go in D.C. over the debt limit, as Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wants the federal government to rescind unused COVID relief funding.

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Lawmakers passed an the omnibus transportation budget that includes a provision requiring the state to study the issue of automated speed enforcement.

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Montana became the first state to explicitly ban drag performers from reading to children in public schools.

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North Dakota

State lawmakers are soon set to have numerous interim studies to deal with, on topics including tax cuts and term limits.

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New York

Lawmakers in New York advanced a new series of bills to make parole considerations easier for incarcerated people.

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A legislative committee in Oklahoma recommended different projects to receive the the last of the state’s share in federal ARPA dollars.

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Oregon’s Senate has passed Senate Bill 337 to address issues within the justice system in the state.

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Rhode Island

State lawmakers proposed a piece of legislation that would require businesses and groups which aren’t tax exempt to pay property taxes, and hospitals are saying that this may impact physician groups.

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South Carolina

Lawmakers passed a six week abortion ban this week, sending the bill to the desk of the governor.

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South Dakota

Governor Kristi Noem (R) is calling for better mental health awareness across the state to aid South Dakota individuals and families in reducing the stigma of mental health.

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Texas’s Governor Greg Abbott (R) has signed Senate Bill 505 into law which will require a registration fee for electric vehicles.

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Earlier this year, Virginia passed a bill that would allow for posthumous diplomas to be awarded to senior students who die before graduation, at the request of parents.

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Capital and Capitol Happenings: New Positions, Promotions, and More

  • Tirzah Duren: new Director of Tech Policy, American Consumer Institute
  • Angela Bowie: new Vice President, Public Policy, Arise
  • Max Fenkell: new Head of Government Relations, Scale AI
  • Chris Fetterman: new Special Advisor on Economic Development, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Happy Birthdays This Week

  • Alexander Houseman: Director of Government Affairs, Big “I” Michigan
  • Nicole Wilbourn: Senior Government Affairs Representative, Highmark Inc.
  • Eric Failing: Executive Director, Pennsylvania Catholic Conference
  • Andy Sandusky: Executive VP, Public Policy and Association Affairs, Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Association
  • Jim Nikolai: Vice President – State Government Affairs, Synchrony

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