The latest episode of “Back in Session” features co-hosts Ryan Stevens and Ryan DeMara interviewing Connecticut State Senator James Maroney (D). Notably, they discuss his role in shaping AI policy in Connecticut and beyond.

  • AI Legislation in Connecticut: Senator Maroney discussed Connecticut’s proactive steps in AI regulation, including the establishment of a task force to oversee the state’s use of AI and ensure it aligns with public interests and privacy standards.
  • Impact Assessments for AI: Senator Maroney highlighted the importance of impact assessments in AI development, advocating for thorough testing and evaluation to prevent potential negative consequences of AI technologies on society.
  • Multistate Collaboration: The Senator underscored the significance of collaboration among states to address common challenges and share best practices in AI regulation, illustrating this with examples from his interactions with legislators from other states.
  • Future Directions in AI Policy: Maroney discussed future legislative priorities, including expanding AI regulation to the private sector and enhancing consumer protections, indicating a shift towards more comprehensive and detailed AI governance frameworks.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Throughout the interview, Senator Maroney articulated the balance between fostering innovation in AI and managing risks, reflecting on the complex dynamics of legislating a rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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