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In this episode of the Back in Session Podcast, hosts Ryan Stevens and Ryan DeMara are joined by Mark Hutchinson, the CEO and founder of Blue Line Solutions. This episode offers an in-depth look into automated speed enforcement technology and its impact on road safety. Here are the key takeaways from their conversation:

  • Personal Connection to Safety: Mark Hutchinson’s background as a law enforcement officer and the tragic incidents he witnessed inspired him to start Blue Line Solutions with a mission to prevent traffic fatalities.
  • The Mission of Blue Line Solutions: Blue Line Solutions is dedicated to “strive for zero” – zero crashes, zero injuries, and zero fatalities, particularly in school and work zones.
  • Innovative Traffic Enforcement Technology: Blue Line uses laser-based LiDAR technology for precise automated speed enforcement, ensuring that only the vehicles violating speed limits are captured and cited.
  • Educational Campaigns for Road Safety: Following the methodology of the successful “Click It or Ticket” campaign, Blue Line emphasizes the importance of public information and education combined with enforcement to change driving behaviors.
  • Community Involvement in Traffic Safety: Blue Line Solutions engages communities by sharing data and working with local organizations to educate and inform residents about the importance of speed enforcement in improving safety.
  • Overcoming Challenges in Automated Speed Enforcement: The podcast addresses common concerns about automated enforcement being seen as a money grab. Mark emphasizes that Blue Line prioritizes safety over profits, differentiating them from other companies in the industry.
  • Future of Automated Traffic Enforcement: Hutchinson discusses the potential expansion of automated enforcement to address issues like cell phone use while driving, highlighting the evolving landscape of traffic safety technology.
  • Lipford Foundation: Mark shares about the Lipford Foundation, established in honor of his fallen colleague, which supports the families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Mark Hutchinson’s dedication to road safety, combined with his company’s innovative use of traffic enforcement technology, makes for an enlightening episode. His personal anecdotes and professional insights shed light on the significant impact of automated speed enforcement.

Tune in to the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of how automated speed enforcement can save lives and how Blue Line Solutions is leading the charge.

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Ryan Stevens

Automated speed enforcement has been shown to reduce speeding and improve road safety in numerous studies. When implemented with transparency and community engagement, ASE can be an effective tool to protect vulnerable road users, especially in school and work zones.

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