Legislation Legalizing Alcohol Delivery
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Numerous U.S. states are considering legislation to legalize and expand access to home alcohol delivery, including Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Washington. Proposed measures vary from authorizing home delivery by licensed retailers to permitting out-of-state wine shipments.

Kansas: Legislation Introduced for Alcohol Home-Delivery for Licensed Franchises

In Kansas, SB253 would authorize home delivery by licensed retailers, licensed clubs and drinking establishments, restaurants, and third-party delivery services. The measure would allow licensed retailers, clubs, and drinking establishments to use third-party delivery services to deliver alcoholic beverages to patrons within the state. The bill would require third-party delivery services to obtain a permit, ensure delivery personnel meet certain requirements, and adhere to state regulations. The licenses would cost $1,500 and be valid for one year. The permit holder would be responsible for any violations committed by delivery personnel. The bill had a hearing in March of 2023 and again in January of 2024.

Mississippi: To Allow Out-Of-State Retailers to Ship Wine to Residents

In the Mississippi House, HB430 would allow out-of-state sellers with a permit from the Revenue Department to ship wine directly to residents. The measure would require sellers to follow regulations, including record-keeping, limits on what they can sell, and buyer age restrictions. The bill was referred to the State Affairs Committee in January 2024.

Missouri: Another State to Allow Direct Shipments of Spirits to Residents

Missouri HB2332 relates to home producers of alcohol and allows direct shipments of distilled spirits to residents of this state. It would allow individuals aged 21 or older to manufacture limited amounts of alcohol for personal use without a license. It would also permit licensed manufacturers to ship limited quantities of wine or distilled spirits directly to residents for personal use, subject to specific requirements and regulations. The bill has not advanced past its committee of origin as of February 29, 2024.

Washington: Restaurants and Breweries to Include Alcohol in Takeout Orders

Washington state lawmakers introduced HB1375 concerning liquor license privileges for alcohol delivery. The act would allow certain alcohol licensees, e.g., restaurants and breweries, to sell alcohol for takeout and delivery. It would include compliance and enforcement regulations and update alcohol-related definitions in state law. This bill was introduced earlier in 2024, amended, and reintroduced.

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