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Weekly State of the States: May 9th, 2024 Edition


Welcome to the latest edition of the DMGS Weekly State of the States, where we dive into the whirlwind of legislative activities sweeping across the nation. This week's roundup highlights significant state-level actions, from Alabama's new law targeting illegal squatting to Arizona's repeal of an outdated 1864 abortion ban. Join us as we explore these [...]

Weekly State of the States: May 9th, 2024 Edition2024-05-09T15:39:39-04:00

State Lawmakers Addressing Drunk Driving Limits


Photo credit: State lawmakers are considering legislation to address individuals driving under the influence. Across most states, the existing blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold sits at .08 grams of alcohol per deciliter (g/dL). However, with drunk drivers killing 13,384 Americans in 2021, a 14% increase from 2020, lawmakers are looking to lower the threshold [...]

State Lawmakers Addressing Drunk Driving Limits2024-04-09T16:51:21-04:00

Weekly State of the States: March 22, 2024 Edition


In a week marked by significant legislative developments across multiple states, Alabama stands out as Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed into law a measure banning diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in public schools. Meanwhile, other states also witnessed notable actions, from addressing housing crises to criminal justice reforms. Let's delve into the latest legislative updates [...]

Weekly State of the States: March 22, 2024 Edition2024-03-22T17:03:06-04:00

Legislation on Doctors’ Ability to Offer Life-Ending Care to Terminally Ill Patients


Photo credit: tangwitthayaphum State legislators have grappled with policies surrounding physicians offering life-ending care to terminally ill patients for many years. Life-ending care enables medical providers to go further than just making patients who are terminally ill comfortable, the traditional protocol for hospice care. Legislation of this kind could allow doctors to administer lethal [...]

Legislation on Doctors’ Ability to Offer Life-Ending Care to Terminally Ill Patients2024-03-20T15:01:06-04:00

Criminalizing AI-Generated Pornographic Images


Photo credit: Sikham The expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the creation of “deep fakes”, an AI-generated image of a person. Users may generate AI video images in any imaginable scenario without computer coding experience. Legislatures nationwide are rapidly creating legislation to crack down on deep fakes. Specifically, the focus point across [...]

Criminalizing AI-Generated Pornographic Images2024-03-06T19:43:11-05:00

State Legislation Legalizing Alcohol Delivery in 2024


Photo credit: Sikham Numerous U.S. states are considering legislation to legalize and expand access to home alcohol delivery, including Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Washington. Proposed measures vary from authorizing home delivery by licensed retailers to permitting out-of-state wine shipments. Kansas: Legislation Introduced for Alcohol Home-Delivery for Licensed Franchises In Kansas, SB253 would authorize home [...]

State Legislation Legalizing Alcohol Delivery in 20242024-02-29T17:26:49-05:00

Human Body Composting Legislation Being Considered by State Lawmakers


Photo credit: Stefanuyk We last covered human body composting legislation in 2021. As we noted then, Washington State was the first state to allow for human body composting. Washington was soon followed by Colorado and Oregon.  In 2024 sessions, legislative initiatives in Arizona, Illinois, and Minnesota, among other states, demonstrate a growing interest and [...]

Human Body Composting Legislation Being Considered by State Lawmakers2024-02-21T09:24:06-05:00

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024 Budget Address


Photograph taken inside the state capitol of the spectacular 272-foot, 52 million-pound dome. On February 6, 2024, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (D) delivered his 2024-25 Budget Address. Shapiro's 2024 budget aims to provide tangible benefits for state citizens and their future. The Shapiro-Davis budget proposal aims to capitalize on the Commonwealth’s $14 billion surplus to [...]

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024 Budget Address2024-02-13T11:53:15-05:00

Summary: South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster’s 2024 State of the State


The South Carolina State House in Columbia. HDR. On January 24, 2024, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) delivered his State of the State Address, emphasizing bold action and outlining priorities for South Carolina’s future. Addressing cultural heritage, infrastructure, natural resources, justice systems, healthcare, education, and economic prosperity, McMaster urged collaboration, highlighting civility and pride [...]

Summary: South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster’s 2024 State of the State2024-02-07T22:02:48-05:00

Decriminalization of Home-Cultivated Medical Cannabis


Marijuana in a pot on the windowsill. Home cultivation of medical cannabis. Cannabis laws have evolved rapidly across the United States. Cannabis has been shown to have benefits for a range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. As of 2024, 38 states have legalized medical cannabis and several states seek to expand [...]

Decriminalization of Home-Cultivated Medical Cannabis2024-01-30T16:55:44-05:00
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