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Several States Address Catalytic Converter Theft Through Legislation


Photo credit: Catalytic converters are a very valuable car part located beneath most motor vehicles. The devices convert harmful pollutants in internal combustion engine (ICE) exhaust gases into less toxic ones. According to David Glawe, the president and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, “Catalytic converters contain numerous rare earth metals, such as [...]

Several States Address Catalytic Converter Theft Through Legislation2023-11-16T18:41:42-05:00

Virginia 2023 General Election Results


Photo credit: In the 2023 Virginia state legislative general elections, voters filled all 40 State Senate and 100 State House seats. Democratic candidates emerged victorious, achieving majorities in both the House and Senate, and denying Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) a trifecta. Last term, the Republicans maintained a narrow 52–48 majority in the State House, [...]

Virginia 2023 General Election Results2023-11-08T20:37:54-05:00

New Jersey 2023 Election Results


Photo credit: New Jersey completed its 2023 general election on Tuesday, November 7, electing all 40 seats in the Senate, the complete ensemble of 80 seats in the General Assembly, and numerous local and school board positions. Before the election, Democrats held a majority in the Senate (25–15) and the Assembly (46–34). Republicans had [...]

New Jersey 2023 Election Results2023-11-08T20:34:09-05:00

2023 Kentucky Election Results


Photo credit: The 2023 Kentucky general election concluded on November 7. Governor Andy Beshear (D) was reelected governor, while Russell Coleman (R) will take over for Daniel Cameron (R) as Attorney General, and Michael Adams (R) was reelected Secretary of State. Of the 3,484,827 voters registered in Kentucky, 1,325,108 ballots were cast – resulting [...]

2023 Kentucky Election Results2023-11-08T20:21:10-05:00

State Lawmakers Propose E-Bike Incentives


Photo credit: As we've noted in the past, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular, a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Advancements in electric vehicle technology continuously optimize electric bicycles as efficient, eco-friendly modes of transportation. Taking notice, policymakers across the country have recognized these trends and proposed various e-bike incentives to make electric [...]

State Lawmakers Propose E-Bike Incentives2023-10-17T21:09:38-04:00

Implementing Security Measure to Protect User Data Within Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Photo credit: From personal digital assistants to self-driving cars, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence technology has transformed various aspects of our lives in recent years. However, as AI becomes increasingly integrated into the daily lives of Americans, many critics have raised concerns about the potential risks it poses to user data and security. [...]

Implementing Security Measure to Protect User Data Within Artificial Intelligence (AI)2023-10-16T16:19:19-04:00

With Growing EV Market, States Look at How to Recycle Electric Vehicle Batteries


Photo credit: With electric vehicles (EVs) growing in use and popularity in the U.S., a new challenge has emerged: what to do with the growing number of electric vehicle batteries approaching the end of their life cycle? Understanding the environmental impact of recycling EV batteries, coupled with the potential to recover the valuable minerals [...]

With Growing EV Market, States Look at How to Recycle Electric Vehicle Batteries2023-10-09T17:43:14-04:00

States Address Mental Health Initiatives for Children


Photo credit: Across the country, state legislatures are working to enhance children’s mental health by revising and implementing new policies to identify and manage children’s mental health issues. These efforts include setting behavioral health standards, improving screening services, offering counseling and crisis management resources, and reinforcing mental health staff training requirements. Enhancing Mental Health [...]

States Address Mental Health Initiatives for Children2023-09-26T11:00:12-04:00

Last Week’s Municipal Recap: September 11, 2023 Edition


Local governments and communities around the country are battling a number of issues that are calling for creative policy solutions. These issues range from dealing with homelessness, mental illness, and substance addiction in Boston to dealing with juvenile violence and the overabundance of firearms in Indianapolis. While Seattle struggles with the continued oversight of law [...]

Last Week’s Municipal Recap: September 11, 2023 Edition2023-09-11T12:00:55-04:00

National Newspaper Carrier Day: A Look at “Paperboy” Legislation


Photo credit: Each September 4, National Newspaper Carrier Day is observed because the first “paperboy” in New York City, Barney Flaherty, was said to have been hired by the New York Sun on September 4, 1833. The job of delivering newspapers was popular amongst children, each with a paper route, throughout the 19th and [...]

National Newspaper Carrier Day: A Look at “Paperboy” Legislation2023-09-11T00:37:52-04:00
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