In the latest episode of the “Back in Session” podcast, hosts Ryan Stevens and Ryan DeMara delve into the innovative world of AI technology applied in gun detection with Burgess Nichols from ZeroEyes. Starting with some light-hearted sports banter from the podcast’s co-hosts, the conversation transitions into a serious discussion on how AI can help mitigate mass shootings through advanced AI gun detection systems.

  • Introduction of ZeroEyes: Burgess Nichols introduces ZeroEyes, a company that integrates AI gun detection technology with existing security cameras to identify firearms in real-time. This technology aims to enhance response times during critical incidents and potentially save lives.
  • Operational Insights and Impact: The discussion reveals how ZeroEyes’ technology operates and its impact, noting specific cases where the system has successfully detected and aided in the apprehension of armed individuals in public spaces.
  • Broader Applications and Clientele: Nichols explains the wide range of ZeroEyes’ applications across various sectors including schools, retail, and healthcare, underlining the universal need for advanced security measures across different environments.
  • AI and Public Perception: The conversation also touches on public skepticism towards AI, discussing the balance between technological advancements and privacy concerns, and the general acceptance over time as the technology proves its effectiveness and reliability.
  • Legislative and Community Engagement: The episode covers ZeroEyes’ efforts in working with legislators and communities to ensure a cooperative approach to security and emergency response, emphasizing the importance of education and transparency in technology deployment.

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Ryan Stevens

This episode not only sheds light on how AI technology is being used to tackle real-world problems but also sparks important conversations on safety, technology, and community engagement.

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