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The 2020 Competition for State Capitols

The presidential election will overlap in November with the fight for state capitals, increasing voter participation in elections for state legislative seats. State legislature elections in 2020 also are important because they are the last before the next round of redistricting begins in early 2021.  In most states, the line-drawing responsibility lies with governors and state legislators, who look to reshape district lines to their party’s advantage. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, […]

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Education Trends for 2020

Safety Interoperability is a growing trend in school safety measures.  School safety and security is becoming an increasing concern for parents, students, and school districts.  Even schools that utilize modern radio and camera networks are finding they really are not cutting it.  With schools dealing with system failures, emergency coordination and response times, and communication and information clarity, traditional school security measures are being rethought by administrators and school boards.  […]

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Cannabis 2020

US states and Cannabis[1][2] Fourteen US states and territories have legalized recreational cannabis sales for adults, with varying levels of regulation.  A total of 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. The governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania convened this past fall for a summit on coordinating cannabis and vaping policies.  New Jersey is putting a recreational cannabis constitutional measure before voters in November.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently vowed that New York would […]

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Ranked-Choice Voting Update: Massachusetts

The General Court of Massachusetts, the state legislature, will consider adopting ranked-choice voting (RCV), after election reform advocates in the state collected over 80,000 signatures in support of the measure. If approved it would first be used in the 2022 elections, to choose candidates for both federal and state offices, including the governor. Ranked choice would not be used to elect a U.S. president or for municipal offices. Ranked-choice voting […]

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