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Legislative Update: 5G Wireless Deployment

In relatively short order, mobile wireless technology in the United States has made incredible strides. The first generation of wireless networks allowed us to make phone calls from anywhere. With second generation, or 2G, we could instantly send text message. Later, we moved on to 3G and 4G which allowed us to stream music, movies and data and made the entire application ecosystem possible. Today, we stand on the verge […]

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Legislative Update: Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency

One of the top tech trends over the last several years has been the increasingly growing use of blockchain technology and related cryptocurrencies. Since we last reviewed the topic in an August 2018 blog post, there have been some new developments in the state-level regulatory framework, and there appear to be new items not far over in the horizon here in 2019. Colorado At the end of the last legislative […]

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DMGS Week In Review – February 10, 2019

Legislative Update: Sports Gambling Last week’s Big Game was unique not just for being the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, but it also marked the first time in a number of states outside of Nevada that a legal bet could be placed. In this week’s blog post, we review the current state of sports gambling in the United States, and speculate as to which states may be opening the next sports […]

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Legislative Update: E-Cigarettes

According to Research & Markets, the global e-cigarette market is projected to reach more than $43 billion in sales by 2023. This is a rapidly growing industry, with both its supporters and detractors. In July 2016, the Harvard Medical School published a blog post outlining both the potentially positive and negative implications of e-cigarette use. Supporters cite the idea that e-cigarettes provide smokers with a less-deadly alternative, while detractors express […]

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