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As you know, heading into the 2020 elections, there are 36 trifectas: 15 Democratic and 21 Republican. The other 14 states are under divided government, meaning they have neither a Democratic nor a Republican trifecta. How have election results changed the partisan control in each state? We will be updating this list as results continue to come in.

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All 11 Gubernatorial Races Have Been Called

This year, gubernatorial elections were held in 11 states. At this point, all 11 races have been called. One governorship did flip this election. Democratic Governor Steve Bullock ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate against Republican Steve Daines, opening up an opportunity for Republicans to take control of the governor’s office. U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, has beaten democratic Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney.

Republican Governor Gary Herbert of Utah did not seek re-election, but Republican Spencer Cox will succeed Herbert as governor.

Incumbent Democratic governors John Carney (Delaware), Roy Cooper (North Carolina) and Jay Inslee (Washington) were all re-elected. Incumbent Republican governors Eric Holcomb (Indiana), Mike Parson (Missouri), Chris Sununu (New Hampshire), Doug Burgum (North Dakota), Phil Scott (Vermont) and Jim Justice (West Virginia) all won re-election.

New HampshireSununuFeltesSununu
North CarolinaForestCooperCooper
North DakotaBurgumLenzBurgum
West VirginiaJusticeSalangoJustice

What We Know – State Legislative Races

It is still too close to call some legislative races across the country. This is what we know so far. This year, legislative races in 44 states were conducted, including a total of 5,876 seats.

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Democrats in Arizona need net gains of two seats in the state House and three seats in the state Senate to take control of the majorities in each legislative chamber. Late Election Night showed the GOP finishing strong in key races.


All 100 seats in the Arkansas state House were up for election this year, but 42 Republicans and 14 Democrats ran unopposed. Republicans are projected to maintain their majorities in both legislative chambers.


In California, Democrats could flip as many as four GOP-held state Senate seats to expand upon their current majority.


In Colorado, Democrats have added at least one seat to their current state Senate majority, and appear to maintain their control of the state House.


As of midday Wednesday, Democrats appeared on track to expand their majorities in both the state House and state Senate.


Democrats in Delaware picked up two seats in the state Legislature. Delaware Democrats expanded their majority in the state Senate to 14-7 and maintained their 26-15 state House majority.


Republicans will maintain their majorities in both the state House and state Senate in Florida. The GOP flipped five state House seats and are now three seats shy of a veto-proof majority.


Democrats in Georgia had high hopes they could flip control of the state House, but are only on pace to win one seat in each chamber. This could change when more results come in.


Democrats appear to gain an additional seat in the Hawaii House, while the GOP will keep its one seat in the state Senate.


The make-up of the Idaho state Senate should remain unchanged with 28 GOP members and 7 Democratic members. However, Democrats lost two seats in the House, leaving just 12 Democrats to 58 Republicans.


Republicans so far flipped two state House races in Illinois. While some think Democrats could add to their current 74-44 House majority, so far those two seats indicate a net gain of two seats for the GOP. Governor J.B. Pritzker even already called for Democrat House Speaker Michael Madigan to be replaced as the head of the Illinois Democrats.


According to Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley, the GOP in Iowa has expanded its majority to 59 seats. it appears Iowa Republicans have flipped seven Democratic-held seats while maintaining control of all GOP-held seats.


Republicans in Kansas will retain super-majorities in both legislative chambers. If the results hold, Republicans will maintain the ability to override any vetoes by Democratic Governor Laura Kelly.


The GOP expanded their already overwhelming majorities in Kentucky’s General Assembly.


While GOP incumbent Sen. Susan Collins won re-election, Democrats will keep their majorities in the state legislature. Democrats will pick up one seat in the state Senate. However, Republicans picked up six seats so far in the state House.


Republicans and Democrats each flipped two seats for the state House, but Republicans will retain the majority.


The Minnesota DFL party, despite Joe Biden taking the state and Sen. Tina Smith winning re-election, appears to have failed in taking control of the state Senate and has lost state House seats.


Like Kansas, Republicans in Missouri appear to have maintained their super-majorities in both the state House and state Senate. State Democrats lost in two Senate districts that were key to their hopes of breaking the GOP super-majority, as Republicans will continue to hold their 24-10 majority. At this point, Democrats do appear to have flipped one House seat.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has flipped the Executive Council, state Senate, and state House from Republicans to Democrats.

New Mexico

It appears Democrats will maintain their majorities in both legislative chambers.

New York

Democrats in New York appear to be under-performing in its state legislative races, with Republicans initially maintaining leads over Democrats in the Empire State’s most competitive Senate races.

Democrats in the Empire State went into Election Day hoping to achieve a supermajority in the state Senate, but those hopes have been dashed.

North Carolina

Despite a victory by incumbent Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, Democrats will remain in the minority in North Carolina.


It appears the GOP will maintain its supermajorities in both of Ohio’s state legislative chambers.


Democrats in Oregon lost one net state House seat to Republicans, but will maintain their supermajority. In the state Senate, Democrats should either hold onto their current 18-12 supermajority or expand upon it.


Democrats went into Election Day with the hopes of taking control of one or both of Pennsylvania’s legislative chambers. Instead, Republicans appear to gain seats in the state House and might gain ground in the state Senate.

Rhode Island

Republicans made news in Rhode Island for ousting the Democratic House Speaker. Otherwise, Republicans appear to have added one net seat in the House, bringing their total to 10 members. In the Senate, the GOP should remain at five senators.

South Carolina

Republicans in South Carolina already flipped at least two state House seats and three state Senate seats. The GOP will have their largest majority in the state Senate in 140 years with 30 seats.


Democrats in Tennessee were able to pick up one seat in the state Senate by ousting two-term GOP Sen. Steve Dickerson. However, Republicans should continue to maintain their supermajorities.


It appears the GOP in Texas will maintain their majority in both the state House and state Senate. Democrats do appear to have gained a seat in the state Senate.

West Virginia

Republicans in West Virginia have taken at least 10 seats from Democrats to expand their majorities in the state legislature.


It appears Republicans will lose two seats in the state Assembly, but will still maintain their veto-proof majority. Republicans remain one seat shy of a veto proof majority in the state Senate.

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