Continuing Resolution

The 2020 CR: What’s Inside


H.R. 8337 would extend government funding through December 11, 2020, averting a government shutdown that would otherwise begin October 1.  The continuing resolution (CR) would generally extend fiscal 2020 funding levels while including some “anomalies” that would adjust the amount available to agencies or extend authorities.  The measure reflects an agreement between Democrats and Republicans [...]

The 2020 CR: What’s Inside2020-09-30T12:00:23-04:00

What’s in the Nov. ’19 CR?


Congress finally passed a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government for another month.  Funding for federal agencies was extended through December 20 under a stopgap funding measure that averted a government shutdown as fiscal 2020 appropriations negotiations continue.  However, expectations are low for a full fiscal 2020 spending deal by next month’s deadline.  [...]

What’s in the Nov. ’19 CR?2019-11-27T16:15:00-05:00
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