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Lobbyists, Lawmakers, and the Revolving Door


Digital collage by Ryan Stevens; image source by David Mark from Pixabay A “revolving door” is the practice of public officials or employees leaving their positions to lobby.  However, each state has rules and laws that stipulate when public officials or employees can begin lobbying.  The period that someone must wait is a “cooling off” [...]

Lobbyists, Lawmakers, and the Revolving Door2023-09-11T01:31:14-04:00

Ethics & Lobbying Reform in 2020


DMGS Highlights There have been calls for ethics reform following Ohio and Illinois political scandals.Lawmakers in Ohio and Illinois have introduced various ethics reform proposals, as have lawmakers in other states.Ethics reform legislation includes gift bans, stopping the "revolving door," extending the "cooling off" period, and campaign finance reform. Digital Illustration by Alana Burman The [...]

Ethics & Lobbying Reform in 20202023-09-11T01:44:04-04:00
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