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The Future of 5G and Wireless Small Cell Devices

What exactly is 5G?  5G is the next, and fifth, generation of wireless network technology, built to be faster and improve upon the existing 4G network.  As 5G began to roll out in 2018, legislation regulating and streamlining it was not far behind. The new 5G technology requires a new telecommunication infrastructure known as small cells.  Local, state, and federal governments have helped these new small cell systems get up […]

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Legalizing Recreational Marijuana to Fill States’ Budget Deficits

by: Ryan J. Stevens As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on states and their economies, lawmakers are contemplating how to handle decreasing state revenue and budget deficits.  DMGS previously covered budget deficits caused by COVID-19 in numerous states. Now that more time has passed and more states have passed their respective budgets, some have called for legalizing recreational marijuana to fill their state’s budget deficit.  How much revenue could states […]

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Personal Delivery Devices: Will a robot deliver your next online order?

by: Ryan J. Stevens As our society develops the latest technology, government regulations are not far behind.  Over the last few years, lawmakers in various states across the country have grappled with the issue of autonomous vehicles in general, as well as personal delivery devices (PDDs).  Some states have already legalized personal delivery devices under specific regulations, including Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Amid […]

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State Action On Statues, Symbols, and Monuments

by: Ryan J. Stevens George Floyd’s killing by police officers in Minneapolis sent waves through society and governments have reacted in turn.  DMGS previously covered how lawmakers are reacting through police reform measures here and here.  Another ripple effect has been the status of race relations and how society should remember historical figures and symbols.  Across the country, national, state, and local governments have been reevaluating the symbols of the […]

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