State Action on Restoring Felons’ Voting Rights


Digital collage by Alana Burman In the middle of the 2020 General Election, millions of voters have already cast ballots by mail, and millions more are making plans to vote in person on Election Day.  However, not all Americans are eligible to cast a ballot.  According to the ACLU, states have disenfranchised 5.85 million Americans [...]

State Action on Restoring Felons’ Voting Rights2023-09-11T00:36:35-04:00

State Mail-in Voting: 2020 and Beyond


Illustration by Alana Burman, source images from By: Ryan J. Stevens As numerous states around the country are delaying their respective primaries due to COVID-19, the issue of mail-in voting, or vote by mail, has come to the forefront during this year’s presidential election cycle. For years, voters have traditionally cast their ballots in [...]

State Mail-in Voting: 2020 and Beyond2023-09-11T01:31:35-04:00

Ranked-Choice Voting Update: Massachusetts


The General Court of Massachusetts, the state legislature, will consider adopting ranked-choice voting (RCV), after election reform advocates in the state collected over 80,000 signatures in support of the measure. If approved it would first be used in the 2022 elections, to choose candidates for both federal and state offices, including the governor. Ranked choice [...]

Ranked-Choice Voting Update: Massachusetts2020-01-10T08:30:00-05:00
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