Mental Health Initiatives for Children
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Across the country, state legislatures are working to enhance children’s mental health by revising and implementing new policies to identify and manage children’s mental health issues. These efforts include setting behavioral health standards, improving screening services, offering counseling and crisis management resources, and reinforcing mental health staff training requirements.

Enhancing Mental Health Services in Colorado Schools

CO HB1003 established a mental health screening program in eligible public middle and high schools to offer accessible support to students experiencing mental health challenges. Under the bill, parents may have schools assess their child’s mental health status and receive support service recommendations. Governor Jared Polis signed this legislation in early June 2023, allowing schools to actively identify and address students’ mental health concerns, enhance their well-being, and support their educational journey.

Pioneering Changes in Minnesota Children’s Mental Health

Minnesota lawmakers in the 2023 session introduced HF1198, which aimed to expand access to childcare assistance, adjust grants and mental health regulations, and revise mental health staff training requirements. Additionally, the bill proposed various modifications to children’s mental health services, including a pilot program for rural family response and stabilization services. These changes could have enhanced services and resources in underserved Minnesota areas and comprehensively supported young individuals facing mental health challenges. The legislation did not advance in the 2023 session..

Proposed Nevada Reforms in Child Behavioral Health

NV AB201 aimed to enhance the children’s behavioral health system. The bill proposed several measures, including oversight of the Health & Human Services Department, expanding the Behavioral Health Commission’s subcommittee, outlining regional behavioral health policy board duties, and clarifying the State Health Board’s licensing authority for specific facilities. This bill could have improved access to services, focused support, and established accountability for safer childcare in Nevada. However, Governor Joe Lombardo vetoed it in June 2023.

Evolving Mental Health Strategies for Texas Caregivers and Children

TX HB2481 gained attention this session for its potential to influence mental health strategies. This legislation would establish a counseling and crisis management program to support caregivers and children in crises under the Family & Protective Services Department’s care. The bill passed the House but did not advance through the Senate in the 2023 session.

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