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2021 Minimum Wage Legislation


Digital collage by Ryan Stevens; image sources by Gerd Altmann & Mediamodifier from Pixabay  The current federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt workers is $7.25 per hour.  However, many states have their own minimum wage laws.  For example, 16 states and Puerto Rico have minimum wages that equal the federal rate, 29 states and the District of [...]

2021 Minimum Wage Legislation2023-09-11T00:36:18-04:00

2020 State Ballot Measures


What questions will appear on 2020 ballots? Across the United States, ballot measures exist in the form of a law, issue, or question that appears on a state or local ballot for voters to decide.  There are numerous kinds of ballot measures, including those that are legislatively referred or citizen-initiated. In 2016, the last presidential [...]

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2020 and Gubernatorial Vetoes


DMGS Highlights: Governors of states maintain the power to veto legislation.Each state has its own veto process.There are numerous types of vetoes.Vetoed legislation in 2020 includes: minimum wage bills, online voter registration bills, high school graduation requirement bills, telemedicine bills, budget line-item vetoes, and more. In a state’s system of checks and balances, governors maintain [...]

2020 and Gubernatorial Vetoes2023-09-11T01:31:24-04:00
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