This week saw national headlines dominated by various states holding their primary elections, including California and New Jersey. Legislatively, Connecticut lawmakers are proposing a diesel tax holiday, the Pennsylvania House advanced a liquor privatization constitutional amendment, Delaware lawmakers fail to override a veto of marijuana legalization, and more.


Governor Mike Dunleavy (R) and state lawmakers celebrated the passage of the Alaska Reads Act, which aims to improve student reading outcomes across the state by third grade.

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California held its primary elections on Tuesday where a lot of national attention was spent on the race for Los Angeles mayor and the recall of San Fransisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

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Republicans in the legislature this week proposed a diesel tax holiday and democrats may be open to the idea.

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Delaware lawmakers fell short this week in their veto-override attempt of recreational marijuana legalization legislation.

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Florida lawmakers have convened for two special legislative sessions this spring to deal with issues they didn’t address during their regular legislative session, and now some democrats are hoping for a third special session to address reforming gun laws in the state.

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Georgia appears likely to again run a multi-billion dollar budget surplus with the state having already collected roughly $2 billion more in general tax revenue than it’s on track to spend in the current fiscal year, and there could be even more of a surplus after the end of the month.

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Dozens of state lawmakers this week sent a letter to the state’s attorney general asking him to investigate whether or not there is any price gouging or market manipulation occurring amid record setting gas prices.

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State lawmakers are still working on negotiating the major details of a sports betting bill and a top-ranking senator pledged to work swiftly to send compromise language to Governor Charlie Baker’s (R) desk.

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The Mississippi Department of Archive and History announced major improvements to the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians and Historic Jefferson College in Natchez. The improvements are part of an $8 million restoration project, funded by state lawmakers.

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A lawsuit is in motion against SB 280 which would require people present documentation of gender confirmation surgery in order to change the gender marker on their birth certificate.

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New Jersey

New Jersey held its congressional primary elections on Tuesday.

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New York

State lawmakers passed legislation that targets the use of warehouse productivity quotas, a move aimed at metrics employed in recent years by Amazon.

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The Ohio Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit that sought to block state lawmakers form passing pandemic-related legislation.

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Pennsylvania’s House Liquor Control Committee approved legislation this week that would create an amendment to the State Constitution banning the Commonwealth from manufacturing or selling liquor.

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State lawmakers passed 133 bills this session, including legislation commissioning 99 reports and creating 31 new fact-finding panels.

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According to a top Virginia lawmaker, the General Assembly will not advance legislation this year intended to lure the NFL’s Washington Commanders to the state.

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This Week’s DMGS Posts

Capital and Capitol Happenings: New Positions, Promotions, and More

  • Alex Torres: new Director of Government Relations, Bay Area Council
  • Cassidy Denny: new Assistant Consultant, California State Senate
  • Samuel Schwartz: new Vice President, Public Affairs and Corporate Impact, Parallel
  • Tiffany Hauser: new Senior Manager of State External Affairs (N. America), Reckitt
  • Bill Young: new Government Affairs Specialist, Dewberry

Happy Birthdays This Week

  • A.J. Bingham: Founder & CEO, The Bingham Group
  • Joe Hoellerer: Director, Government Affairs, Information Technology Industry Council
  • Patrick Millham: Chief of Staff, Swift Solar
  • Edward Nielsen: Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
  • Michael Warfel: Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Highmark Inc.

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