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California State House Amends Net Neutrality Bill

  After the State Senate approved new legislation to mandate Net Neutrality laws in California earlier this month, a California House committee amended the legislation this week. As a result, the bill removes key consumer protections approved by the Senate. Democratic State Senator Scott Wiener, a San Francisco legislator who sponsored the bill passed by the California Senate, said he will no longer support the house legislation with the amendments […]

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Legislative Update: Four Corners Region

Arizona Legislative Highlights for Education in Arizona Amid talks of teacher raises dominating the news from this year’s legislative session, the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind, and the state’s various vocational school will realize an increase in funding from the 2018 session.  Additionally, $1 million was allocated for a new initiative to instruct teachers in coding, which will then, in turn, be taught to students. Trump Appointee Takes […]

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California State Senate Passes Net Neutrality Legislation

The California State Senate moved to reinstate net neutrality regulations following a 23-12 vote last week. The bill now moves to the state’s lower chamber where lawmakers have until August to vote. The bill enshrines the FCC’s net neutrality regulation from 2015. Earlier this year, the commission voted to remove the regulations, but several states have already begun taking action to stem the move. California’s legislation bars internet service providers […]

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Colorado State Legislature Approves and Rejects Virtual Currency Legislation

As the federal government debates the regulatory framework for blockchain technology and other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the Colorado state legislature recently debated two pieces of legislation that would make the Rocky Mountain State a leader in both. On May 9, the Colorado State legislature passed Senate Bill 86, which directs the Colorado Department of State to study various coding techniques, including blockchain technology, and provide guidelines for their use. […]

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