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DMGS OnPoint: House & Senate Leaders in the 117th Congress

Parties Have Elected Their Leaders for the 117th Congress Most top lawmakers are returning to their leadership roles House Democrats will have a smaller majority in the new Congress Formal speaker election takes place on first day Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is the party’s nominee; said this could be her last term as speaker Members could join incoming Biden administration, further narrowing advantage after Nov. 3 losses The Senate majority will […]

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DMGS LIVE Thread: Election 2020 Updates

Check back with us here for the most up-to-date election coverage, courtesy the Duane Morris Government Strategies team! Track the election results with our 2020 Election Guide & Results Tracker. Also, don’t forget you can find out when polls closed in each state here. 1:00 PM – November 14 Election 2020 Update & Re-Cap Presidential Race Re-Cap Every state has been called in the 2020 Presidential Election. Joe Biden won […]

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States Considering a Millionaires’ Tax

by: Ryan J. Stevens and John C. Zang New Jersey recently joined California, New York, and Washington, D.C., in implementing “millionaires’ taxes.”  “Millionaires’ Tax” is a general term used to describe tax provisions specifically designed to collect revenue from households earning greater than $1,000,000 in taxable income each year.  Proponents view increased marginal tax rates upon the highest income levels as a critical way to fund essential services, such as […]

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The 2020 CR: What’s Inside

H.R. 8337 would extend government funding through December 11, 2020, averting a government shutdown that would otherwise begin October 1.  The continuing resolution (CR) would generally extend fiscal 2020 funding levels while including some “anomalies” that would adjust the amount available to agencies or extend authorities.  The measure reflects an agreement between Democrats and Republicans over farm and food aid programs.  The measure would also extend surface transportation programs, the […]

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