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Lawmakers and state executives were busy this week across the country on a myriad of issues including redistricting, special sessions, mask mandates, COVID restrictions, vaccine requirements, bonuses for first responders, and more.


Alabama will be getting the data needed, in less than a month, so the process can begin to reapportion the districts for the Alabama Legislature and School Board, and the Alabama Legislature’s Joint Reapportionment Committee faces numerous challenges.

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Alaska’s legislature is set to begin a special session on Monday, but legislative leaders have asked the governor to delay the session.

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Gov. Asa Hutchinson reinstated the state’s public health emergency this week, and announced he is calling a special session for lawmakers to amend the law banning mask mandates to allow schools more flexibility.

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Some California lawmakers are feuding with the President Biden’s administration over the state’s high-speed rail endeavor, arguing that conditions of a restored federal grant lock the project into what they see as outdated technology for powering the bullet train.

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Two state agencies in Florida signed contracts last month to collect information on police officers, firefighters, paramedics, teachers and principals to determine which ones are eligible for $1,000 bonuses and send them checks.

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Michigan state Republicans are trying to restrict some school health policies when it comes to COVID-19.

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Lawmakers passed a new law in Minnesota’s recent special session that will require automatic sprinklers in public housing buildings that are seven stories or taller.

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New York

State senators in the Empire State heard firsthand this week from both voters & poll workers about the hassles and ordeals associated with New York City primary election last month.

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North Dakota

North Dakota lawmakers met for the first time this summer to receive training on the software they’ll be using to redistrict the state.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Thursday, reiterating his opposition to mask mandates, COVID restrictions on businesses, and mandatory vaccines. The executive order also calls for issuing fines of up to $1,000 on those who fail to comply.

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Virginia lawmakers are returning next week for a special session, and Governor Northam is outlining priorities for more than $4 billion in federal funding.

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