Voter ID

Voter ID: Should it be required to vote?


Photo credit: Following the 2020 election, calls for voter identification laws and other election process legislation have spurred legislative debate around the country. Voter identification laws are measures in a variety of states requiring in-person voters to present a form of state-issued photo identification in order to cast their ballot. Proponents of enhanced voter [...]

Voter ID: Should it be required to vote?2023-09-11T01:30:16-04:00

State Capital Weekly Recap: July 23rd Edition


Digital image by Ryan Stevens Lawmakers and state executives were busy this week across the country on a myriad of issues ranging from COVID, critical race theory, mask mandates, ranked-choice voting, voter ID, and more. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey encouraged Alabamians this week to get the COVID vaccine and blamed those who remain unvaccinated for [...]

State Capital Weekly Recap: July 23rd Edition2023-09-11T01:43:49-04:00

Election Reform Legislation: 2021 Update


Digital image by Ryan Stevens; image source by Element5 Digital from Pexels Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent safety protocols enforced, many states improved voters’ ability to cast ballots in the 2020 election.  States rapidly expanded their mail-in voting eligibility, extended voter registration deadlines, and allowed voters to drop off mail-in ballots at secure “drop box” locations. [...]

Election Reform Legislation: 2021 Update2021-06-23T17:38:39-04:00
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