Governor Wolf Signs Act 2

On February 14, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Act 2 of 2018 amending the existing Pennsylvania lobbying disclosure law. The law provides for increased penalties for late filing and non-compliance, and makes electronic reporting mandatory.

Specifically, the law:

  • Requires that a Principal, Lobbying Firm, or Lobbyist designate on its registration an authorized representative to receive all notices on its behalf, including notices of non-compliance.
  • Requires that Principals, Lobbying Firms, and Lobbyists file all registrations, quarterly reports, amendments, and terminations electronically using the Department of State’s computerized filing system.
  • Increases the maximum administrative penalty that may be imposed by the Ethics Commission when it has been determined that a Lobbyist or Principal has committed an unlawful act under the law from $2,000 to $4,000.
  • Increases the fine for failure to register to report from $50 for each late day to:

– $50 for each late day up to ten days;

– $100 for each late from ten days to twenty days; and

– $200 for each late day over twenty days.

  • Requires that the Department of State post all filings on its public site within seven days of receipt.

Mandatory electronic filing and designation of an authorized representative take effect in 60 days; the rest of the changes take effect immediately.

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