Legislative Update – Marijuana Legalization

As state legislatures across the country wrap up their sessions, we are taking the opportunity to review the current status of the legalization of recreational-use marijuana.

In this week’s update, we focus on current federal policy, and the latest developments in Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Legislative Update – Oregon Assembly Passes Presidential Election by Popular Vote Measure

Oregon’s Legislative Assembly passed a measure Wednesday calling for United States presidents to be elected based on the popular vote rather than through gaining the most votes in the Electoral College.

Get all the details in our blog post here.

This Week in the States

  • California – Assembly Bill Would Make Ride-Hailing Workers Actual Employees Instead of Independent Contractors
  • Alabama – Legislature moves to regulate pharmacy benefit managers
  • Pennsylvania – Minimum wage hike in Pennsylvania could be bargaining chip for Republican Legislature
  • Connecticut – The General Assembly will begin review of a $43 billion budget, with debate expected to begin Monday
  • Massachusetts – Massachusetts inches cautiously toward ‘cannabis cafes’
  • Oregon – Bill to fund peer-led recovery centers moving through Oregon Legislature
  • Maine – Legislature gives initial approval to single-use plastic bag ban
  • Ohio – Ohio charter school closure laws could be weakened
  • Wisconsin – Senate Republicans float $10 registration fee increase to fund transportation budget
  • Nevada – Cash bail, contraceptive measures among those that failed in Nevada legislative session
  • Wisconsin – Broadband Gets A Partial Boost In Wisconsin
  • New York – NY rent rule revamp sends shock waves
  • Massachusetts – Lawmakers seek to rein in drug costs    
  • Oregon – Oregon’s massive cap-and-trade bill inches forward
  • West Virginia – House GOP looking at what direction to take session

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