State makes additional money available for Summer school programs

Additional funds have been made available for the upcoming Summer school program which will serve more than 22,000 low-income children.  The additional funds will add an extra 25 instructional days to the program.


A total of $28 million is available statewide for Summer school.  All 50 school districts and charters schools that have applied for the funds will participate.  Additionally, the program is being expanded to include fourth and fifth graders in a pilot program this year.  The goal of the Summer school program is to narrow the achievement gap for low-income children.

Governor’s appointees seeking to secure positions

As Governor Susana Martinez’s term comes to an end, political appointees that serve at-will are seeking to secure more permanent positions within the state government.  At least four appointees have moved to classified (permanent) positions, some newly created, since the beginning of the year.

Four Corners Native Women’s Business Summit

636588852158152621-25446492-1893718660939234-9014133227256768469-nNative Women business owners mainly from the Four Corners region gathered in a sold-out summit to network and share collective business experience to ultimately increase the number of native women business owners.  The goal of the summit is to encourage and increase the number of Native women business owners.

Tribal leaders and business owners led sessions on topics such as finance to employment practices, and how to access capital.  The summit was attended by over 200 attendees.

Chris Balzano contributed to this report