Legislative Update: Plastic Bag Regulations

When the California state legislature passed a measure in August of 2014 to institute a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags, it became the first state to take this dramatic step.

In this week’s blog post here, catch up on the latest proposals at the state and local level to follow California’s lead.

This Week in Washington

On Tuesday, the House Administration Committee passed HR-1 on a party-line vote. The proposed measure would expand voting times, registration, campaign finance disclosures, and government ethics rules, and was introduced in response to concerns about conflicts of interest in President Donald Trump’s administration, foreign interference in U.S. elections, and election administration in some states. It also responds to Supreme Court decisions on voting rights & campaign finance and would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to provide 10 years of tax returns to the Federal Election Commission.

You can read more on this, and other priorities in our nation’s capital, in this week’s post here.

This Week in the States

  • Alabama – Bills to watch in the Alabama Senate during the 2019 legislative session
  • Colorado – Colorado bill extending electric-vehicle tax credits charging through Capitol
  • Florida – Florida Legislature Seeks Answers to Blockchain’s Potential
  • Florida – 10 big issues to watch during the Florida Legislature’s 2019 session
  • Kansas – Kansas House bill would hike registration fees on hybrid, electric vehicles to compensate for lost fuel tax revenue
  • Kansas – Kansas lawmakers remain unsettled on big issues midway through legislative session
  • Maryland – Tuesday is medical marijuana day in Maryland Senate
  • Michigan – Gretchen Whitmer signs executive order to abolish Michigan marijuana licensing board
  • Nebraska – Big state revenue changes could affect Legislature’s preliminary budget offering
  • New Mexico – Legislative roundup, March 1, 2019
  • North Carolina – Gov. Roy Cooper ready to give State of the State address
  • Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania state reps propose new bill legalizing electric scooters
  • South Carolina – Handy shopping sacks or public nuisance? Plastic bags cause bitter political fight in SC
  • Texas – Will the state of Texas decriminalize marijuana this year? There is growing support
  • Utah – State Senate signals intent to allow heavy beer sales in Utah convenience, grocery stores
  • Vermont – Business groups fight health insurance bill
  • Washington – Ethical Issues With Facial Recognition Addressed by State Legislature
  • Washington – Proposed Data Privacy Act for Washington State Could Be a Game-Changer
  • West Virginia – West Virginia right-to-work law overturned
  • Wisconsin – Evers to propose federal dollars to expand BadgerCare; GOP opposed
  • Wisconsin – Gov. Evers reveals state budget to Wisconsin legislators

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