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Legislative Update: Minimum Wage

With Democratic gains in the states last year, both in the legislative and executive branches, several long-standing Democratic priorities are quickly finding their way to the top of legislative agendas across the country. One such item is an increase in the minimum wage. In today’s Legislative Update, we review the current status of minimum wage increases and look at states where an increase appears to be just on the horizon. […]

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Legislative Update: Sports Gambling

Last night’s Big Game was unique not just for being the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, but it also marked the first time in a number of states outside of Nevada that a legal bet could be placed. Today, we review the current state of sports gambling in the United States, and speculate as to which states may be opening the next sports books. Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association The […]

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DMGS Week In Review – February 3, 2019

Legislative Update – Marijuana Legalization This week, we took a look at the latest developments on the drive to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana. In particular, we review progress in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania. You can read the full story in our blog post here. Legislative Update: Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous vehicles, from self-driving cars to tractor trailers, are coming to states and cities across the country. The […]

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Potentially Major Changes to Gun Control Laws in 2019

In part thanks to the results of the 2018 elections, many states are taking up new gun control measures as we head into the 2019 legislative session, and the U.S. Supreme Court takes on a case with potentially far-reaching implications. New York After years of resistance to any new legislation on the issue, six bills sailed through the state Senate and Assembly this week, marking some of the most significant […]

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