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Health Care

A Breakdown of COVID-19 Tests

There are two main types of COVID-19 tests: diagnostic and antibody tests. Diagnostic Tests Diagnostic tests show whether an active coronavirus infection exists.  The two types of tests are molecular, which detects the virus’s genetic material, and antigen, which detect proteins on the virus. A molecular test may also be known as a: diagnostic test, viral test, molecular test, nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT), or RT-PCR test.  They are taken […]

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COVID-19 and Return to the Work Place

Currently, employers and employees are deciding how to reopen, stay safe, and go back to whatever life-as-usual means these days.  This dilemma is particularly challenging for employers who may not provide health insurance or healthcare to employees.  Many are also confused as to who is responsible for testing and other measures deemed critical to worker safety.  Employers are also balancing costs where COVID-19 has forced closures, reducing revenues. Current Landscape […]

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“Ghost Guns”: Current Legislative & Regulatory Activity

by: Ryan J. Stevens When COVID-19 first swept through the United States, American consumers rushed to the stores to stock up on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and food.  Firearm sales also skyrocketed, including purchases of a build-it-yourself firearm, commonly known as a “ghost gun.” What are “ghost guns”?  The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence defines ghost guns as firearms assembled from kits or made via 3D printers, rendering […]

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A Look at COVID-19 Liability & Worker Protections

by: the Duane Morris Government Strategies Team As businesses continue to open across the country, many issues are coming to the forefront of political debate.  Included in these debates are liability protections and workers protections related to COVID-19.  Should businesses and healthcare providers be provided with liability protection from lawsuits related to COVID-19?  What steps should businesses take to protect their workers?  More importantly, how are lawmakers shaping this debate […]

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