Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024 Budget Address


Photograph taken inside the state capitol of the spectacular 272-foot, 52 million-pound dome. On February 6, 2024, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (D) delivered his 2024-25 Budget Address. Shapiro's 2024 budget aims to provide tangible benefits for state citizens and their future. The Shapiro-Davis budget proposal aims to capitalize on the Commonwealth’s $14 billion surplus to [...]

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024 Budget Address2024-02-13T11:53:15-05:00

Budget Surpluses: How Will Lawmakers Spend Extra Funds?


Photo credit: iStock.com/Sergey Demchenko Many states are ending the 2022 fiscal year with a budget surplus, resulting in significant legislative deliberations about the best way to utilize those funds. During the fiscal year 2021, some states grew their rainy day funds by 37.7 billion, approximately a 50% increase from the previous year. In the fiscal [...]

Budget Surpluses: How Will Lawmakers Spend Extra Funds?2022-10-03T17:49:13-04:00

Around the States: Budget Updates Part 2


As discussed in our previous budget update, many states are passing record high spending in their FY 22 state budgets.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent public health and economic crises, spending on education, healthcare resources, tax cuts, and spending federal stimulus dollars are major priorities.  Helping to ensure that businesses can reopen [...]

Around the States: Budget Updates Part 22021-08-31T08:53:51-04:00

The Biden Administration’s Budget Proposal Highlights


Digital collage by Ryan Stevens; image sources by David Mark, heblo, & Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay  The Biden administration released the full version of its fiscal 2022 budget. The budget calls for $6 trillion in spending and a deficit of $1.8 trillion; deficits would exceed $1 trillion for a decade. It proposes detailed allocations for federal agencies following [...]

The Biden Administration’s Budget Proposal Highlights2021-06-10T13:49:31-04:00

2020 and Gubernatorial Vetoes


DMGS Highlights: Governors of states maintain the power to veto legislation.Each state has its own veto process.There are numerous types of vetoes.Vetoed legislation in 2020 includes: minimum wage bills, online voter registration bills, high school graduation requirement bills, telemedicine bills, budget line-item vetoes, and more. In a state’s system of checks and balances, governors maintain [...]

2020 and Gubernatorial Vetoes2023-09-11T01:31:24-04:00

2020 Special Legislative Sessions


Photo by Stephan Müller on Pexels.com What is a “Special Session”?  Unlike a regular legislative session, special sessions occur to deal with specific issues or topics.  Usually, the scope of the special session is limited to these specific issues.  Each state has its own rules and laws for the processes on special sessions, including how [...]

2020 Special Legislative Sessions2023-07-25T12:05:35-04:00

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana to Fill States’ Budget Deficits


Digital Illustration by Alana Burman As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on states and their economies, lawmakers are contemplating how to handle decreasing state revenue and budget deficits.  DMGS previously covered budget deficits caused by COVID-19 in numerous states. Now that more time has passed and more states have passed their respective budgets, some have [...]

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana to Fill States’ Budget Deficits2023-09-11T01:31:29-04:00

A Look at States Grappling with Budget Shortfalls in the Face of COVID-19


Digital Illustration by Alana Burman by: Ryan J. Stevens As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact all facets of everyday life, state budgets are no different.  With businesses closing and states implementing stay at home orders over the last few months, tax revenues have been dwindling for states.  With more individuals applying for unemployment compensation, [...]

A Look at States Grappling with Budget Shortfalls in the Face of COVID-192020-06-05T10:39:24-04:00

What’s in the Nov. ’19 CR?


Congress finally passed a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government for another month.  Funding for federal agencies was extended through December 20 under a stopgap funding measure that averted a government shutdown as fiscal 2020 appropriations negotiations continue.  However, expectations are low for a full fiscal 2020 spending deal by next month’s deadline.  [...]

What’s in the Nov. ’19 CR?2019-11-27T16:15:00-05:00

The Week Ahead in Washington | April 5, 2019


Democratic legislators in the House will be working on priorities for internet regulation and fiscal 2020 spending next week, while the Senate returns to confirm more of President Donald Trump’s nominees under an expedited process after Senate Republicans jettisoned the Senate's deliberative process for executive nominees this week. The House could also take up legislation [...]

The Week Ahead in Washington | April 5, 20192019-04-05T10:00:04-04:00
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